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Gage DeDominicis from Dynamic Martial Arts has been such an incredible support/resource and mentor during this COVID epidemic to his students, including my 5-year-old son George – I wanted to share his work with you / and the town and highlight an outstanding small business owner and how he has been able to reach out to his students, virtually and make the best of a crummy situation.

He sent this video to my son (and probably each student got a similar but unique video) praising their work and encouraging them to stick to it – As a mom, this was so incredibly meaningful and impactful – these kids don’t understand what’s going on / they are frustrated / and having their Sensei reach out personally is so helpful in keeping them encouraged and motivated.

My son turned 5 March 27th – and for 6 months was looking forward to his birthday party – we had planned a ninja party at Gage’s studio but had to cancel due to COVID. Gage switched gears and produced an incredible virtual party – not only did my son enjoy it, but every kid rated it “the coolest birthday party ever” and the moms were grateful that their kids all stayed focused for a full hour – the ultimate gift! We dropped off personalized ninja bands and goodie bags for each kid to wear – and I’m sure they will look back and remember that they were all together.

Gage is an inspiration to all -- His ability to adapt in this world, reach out in meaningful ways and stay connected to his students should be celebrated. I’m just beyond grateful to have him serve as a mentor to my son and wanted to highlight him as an inspiration to us all.

~Margaret Gugelmann